Police Church

HB180 from Alabama has drawn some ire after the Alabama senate was fine with the idea of a church employing their own police. The church will probably find that complying with state regulations costs a lot more time and money than hiring private security. Even so it still may be the best move for the local community. The main opposition seems to be some unconstitutionality nonsense based around separation of church and state. A church incurring the cost for employing, training, and stationing police officers near said church is indicative of the state failing its duty. The church community should have never felt the need for this bill and state regulated police officers are not going to suddenly enforce theocracy in Alabama any time soon.

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Haiti Continues to Suck

Years of sexual abuse and Cholera outbreaks brought by the U.N. seems to be the new normal for Haiti. At some point the Haitian people need to kick the U.N. out of Haiti the foreign aid money really isn’t worth the cost. Not much to say about this disgusting situation other than the only thing the U.N. seems to be capable of is making things worse.

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Syrian Failure

Having been rather sick last week I was disengaged from all media so imagine my surprise when President Trump ordered a strike on Syria. The multi-million dollar attack failed to achieve its stated goal but it did cost President Trump a vast amount of respect from his support base. What appears more likely is that President Trump ordered the attack at the behest of the neoconservative globalists because of terrorist propaganda on the ground in Syria.

Right Wing Abandonment

Commenters everywhere from radio to YouTube, Infowars to Ron Paul have condemned the missile strike. Some have totally withdrawn support others are waiting and holding out some hope. The most energetic part of President Trump’s base is feeling betrayed and it will take more policy advancement than the Republican congress will allow to recover from this loss.

At the White House Richard Spencer led a protest of the strike highlighting right wing support for America first policy rather than a continuation of neoconservative Israel first globalism. Antifa communists arrived to violently disrupt the anti-war protest, but thankfully the police were on point and the situation remained mostly under control.

President Trump’s slow but continual distancing from his base and embracing of neoconservatives is not a pragmatic deal making move. The neoconservatives are never going to support America first policy so working with them in any capacity is pointless.

President Trump’s New ‘Supporters’

President Trump did gain praise, even from critics and former rivals, let’s look at some of them:

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senator John McCain, Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator Marco Rubio, House Speaker Paul Ryan, CNN host Fareed Zakaria, MSNBC host Kristen Welker, and more in the media.

Not exactly a group that has historically been advancing policy that has benefited the United States.

Syrian Chemical Weapons

The Syrian government under full observation from international bodies destroyed their chemical weapons and manufacturing capability. The current claim that the Syrian government uses chemical weapons relies on the flimsy premise that the Syrian government has been hiding chemical weapons all along and now suddenly decided to kill civilians with them then deny attacking. Not really a smart thing to do when warmongers in the west are waiting for any excuse to attack.

On the other hand the rebel forces receive chemical weapons from various terrorist groups and their supporters including Saudi Arabia. With the terrorist groups having open support from the west there is no reason for them not to use chemical weapons. Any chemical weapons used are automatically assigned to the Syrian government despite evidence otherwise.

False Flags

Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed that the chemical attack was a false flag and that Russian intelligence has information indicating that more false flags are in the works. Russia has weighed in on previous attacks but this largely gets ignored in the corporate media. Looking at the history of chemical weapon attack in Syria it looks less like false flags and more like the western corporate media covering for terrorists on the ground until the facts come out at which point the story is buried.

The A Closer Look At Syria wiki does a good job at documenting the Syrian civil war including gathering information on every chemical attack to see who really committed the attack and who was just throwing allegations around.

Moving Forward

The biggest problem with President Trump’s missile strike is its conflict with the campaign policy of safe zones in Syria and the Middle East in general. If you oppose and bomb the Syrian government it only makes working with them harder. Working with the Syrian government and Russia is the easiest way for President Trump to fulfill campaign promises. The USA and Russia can destroy the terrorists with bombing runs and allow the Syrian army to re-secure and stabilize its country. During and after the territory reclamation the refugee safe zones can be established. Then the Syrian government will be able to continue the process of peaceful reformation started before the civil war erupted.

America first, we have enough problems at home to deal with before being the world’s policeman.

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Commiefornian Censorship Attempt

Not to be outdone by New York’s attempt at curtailing free speech California brought forth A.B. 1104, thankfully now the bill has been pulled for now. Designed to combat cyberfraud, the bill would have made a few annoying things and also even satire websites illegal. Then there is this,

18320.5. It is unlawful for a person to knowingly and willingly make, publish or circulate on an Internet Web site, or cause to be made, published, or circulated in any writing posted on an Internet Web site, a false or deceptive statement designed to influence the vote on either of the following:

(a) Any issue submitted to voters at an election.

(b) Any candidate for election to public office.

Perhaps the communists in California realized that the campaigns of many Democrats in California regularly make use of false or deceptive statements. The obvious unconstitutional aspect that many point out was probably not even considered since the left only cares about the constitution when they can use it as a weapon again their enemies.

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Venezuela Falling

Socialism is working so well in Venezuela that the Venezuelan Supreme Court has taken over congressional powers. If this is the beginnings of an authoritarian left wing power we can expect to see the usual downward spiral of censorship, mass murders and famine. Venezuela’s attorney general Luisa Ortega was cut off of the state television for speaking out about the change.

Amid the looming chaos Venezuelan bonds have fallen, a bad sign for the Venezuelan economy which has already been crippled by socialism. While the crisis continues the socialists blame everything other that socialism and the people of Venezuela are dying.

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Seattle Sues

Seattle seems to need that federal money after all because they are now suing over the Trump Administration’s threat to cut funding to cities that don’t cooperate with immigration policy. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has taken a strong stance on the issue,

Apparently the Trump administration, their war on facts, has now become a war on cities.

Let us look at the situation on the ground in Washington, in the executive order mandated releases so far we see that there have been ten detainers from Immigration and Customs Enforcement that have been denied. Seven of those ten are convicted criminal illegal aliens. Narrowing things down to just Seattle’s own King county we find that there were four detainers issued with two for illegal aliens already convicted of violent crimes. Seattle’s Mayor continues,

Let me be clear about the facts: We are not breaking any laws and we are prioritizing safety.

In Seattle public safety must mean allowing illegal aliens convicted of domestic violence and assault to roam free on the streets. Now we all wait for the 9th circuit’s progressive judicial activism to whip up some nonsense to allow this action by Seattle.

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EU Backed Succession

The EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker threatened to support Ohio and Austin, Texas in succeeding in a threat over President Trump’s support of Brexit. Juncker must be off his rocker, his far left progressive European politics would be received better in the Democrat’s big city bastions along the coasts. The opposition in Malta on the other hand was more inwardly focused, seeking to fix the problems created by the years of immigration from non-European countries. The clash of culture between Islam and Christianity is one that the people are interested in winning despite the will of the managerial elite in the EU.

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More Wage Hiking

St. Louis, Missouri has fallen for the progressive lie that raising the minimum wage would help the local economy. A study shows the impact of the forty three percent increase in the minimum wage by 2018.  Not looking so good for young women with low education. Even a corporate subsidy would help the local economy in St. Louis more than government enforced price controls.

No amount of central planning will turn the minimum wage into a living wage, mainly because the idea of a living wage is nonsense. Rather than demanding wages match their lifestyle perhaps people should learn to make their lifestyle match their income.

The left will benefit from this change since as more people become dependent on welfare the left gains more dedicated voters. The economy is in rough enough shape as it is, so ideally there would be fewer dependents just in case there is a bad market crash.

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FISA Working

An employee at the State Department was brought up on charges relating to their contact with China. Strange how some get charges for lying to the FBI but others don’t. It is good to see action being taken against Chinese agents here in the United States. For far too long Chinese espionage has been permitted. We can only hope that under President Trump there will be a larger crackdown. The far left progressives will no doubt continue their lawsuits, crying about discrimination, should Chinese spying be opposed. Just another reason to purge the judiciary of progressive activist judges.

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Un-American Protests #3

Antifa thugs once again violently counter protest a peaceful pro-Trump rally in California. As usual the media was fast to support antifa but now is the time to push the Department of Justice to pursue the felony charges. Socialists in attendance were no doubt shocked at this development as they are used to the police protecting them, next time perhaps they will not be violent.

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