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Bully Pulpit #1

The acting Attorney General Sally Yates was fired by President Trump for not bending the knee. This sends a powerful message to the bureaucracy – President Trump is in fact your president and your services are not required when you … Continue reading

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While the west engages in the dysgenic policy of mass immigration from the third world China surges ahead by using the CRISPR–Cas9 technique on a human publicly for the first time last year. While not much of a technological breakthrough … Continue reading

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Muslims Not Actually Banned

Leftists celebrated a ruling placing a hold on a small part of the executive order which temporarily will prevent some people from coming to America. Without doubt they read neither the executive order nor the judge’s ruling. If they did … Continue reading

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Obamacare Not Healthcare

While click bait and fake news outlets clamor to shape public opinion on the proposed removal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act there seems to be a lack of understanding the obvious: Insurance is not healthcare. Under the … Continue reading

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Trumpian Economics #1

Free trade purists and globalists find themselves at odds with President Trump’s economics ideas. The cult of economic growth seems taken aback at the mere mention of policies that may inhibit the maximum increase of gross domestic product. It seems … Continue reading

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City Clean Up

President Trump has told Chicago to put an end to their crime problems, or the federal government will provide assistance in doing so. A transition of power from the Democrat party’s control since the 1930’s to even a federally mandated … Continue reading

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Two Americas

There’s not a liberal America and a conservative America – there’s the United States of America. -Barack Obama Take a look at the county level results of the 2016 election to see how our recently vacated former president is wrong. … Continue reading

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