Muslims Not Actually Banned

Leftists celebrated a ruling placing a hold on a small part of the executive order which temporarily will prevent some people from coming to America. Without doubt they read neither the executive order nor the judge’s ruling. If they did perhaps they wouldn’t have been so quick to virtue signal.

A far more impactful immigration change would be to dismantle both the Immigration Act of 1990 and the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. Doing so would perhaps allow room for debate on what sort of immigrants are actually beneficial for the United States to accept.

Currently there is a large problem with immigration that can be seen across the western world, and that is assimilation. Under the influence of the progressives immigrants are not just keeping their own culture, they openly reject their new host county’s culture. Unlike Europe the United States has perhaps a minor advantage with this due to the pride and identify people feel from being X-Americans, allowing for the current possibility of civic nationalism being a platform to stall the left.

However, the inherent weakness of civic nationalism makes it an easy target for leftist infiltration, much like how the republicans fell under the sway of the Neo-Conservatives, as such it should be pointed towards a clear pro-America message. This way when the left takes the movement over it can be abandoned, leaving the leftists with nothing.


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An American nationalist.
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