Doomsday Hysterics

The Doomsday Clock advances in part due to President Trump,

Both his statements and his actions as president-elect have broken with historical precedent in unsettling ways. He has made ill-considered comments about expanding the US nuclear arsenal.

It is not strange how liberals want to decrease military power but for the more reasonable people among us the modernization and even expansion of the military is a fairly mundane thing. There are also far more dangerous weapons than nuclear weapons so the fixation on them is a clear uninformed ideological position.

Laughably the carbon dioxide scare is present as well,

The true success of the Paris Agreement should be measured against a strict criterion: Do the next steps in its implementation bring about the reductions of carbon dioxide emissions necessary to keep world temperatures from reaching levels that: threaten catastrophic sea level rise; change rainfall patterns and therefore threaten agriculture; increase storm severity; reduce biodiversity; and alter ocean chemistry (among the many negative impacts that unchecked global warming will cause)?

Quite the surprise that the term ‘global warming’ is used at all in this statement since to cover for the decades of the theory failing we have moved on to ‘climate change.’ Perhaps if the climate change believers campaign to stop teaching children how plants use carbon dioxide during photosynthesis they will be able to have their blind faith destroy facts once and for all.

Fake news and exposure of political corruption through hacked emails are also apparently a huge threat to our survival,

Information monocultures, fake news, and the hacking and release of politically sensitive emails may have had an illegitimate impact on the US presidential election, threatening the fabric of democracy, which relies on an informed electorate to decide the direction of public policy—including policy relating to existential threats such as nuclear weapons and climate change. If not controlled, these types of electoral attacks could be launched against democracies around the world, undermining belief in representative government and thereby endangering humanity as a whole.

An electorate informed with the correct facts as vetted by liberal news outlets of course, pay no attention to publicly available information – it is illegal to access.

This doomsday statement is a fairly good insight into how frightening the world is to the left, for nearly seventy years we have been on the brink of destruction. Being prepared for disasters, including nuclear weapon strikes, is a good low time preference practice but there is no reason to take it into obsession. Building strong, high trust and self-sufficient local communities would be much more effective than the globalists’ nonsensical international agreements.


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