Un-American Protests #2

A gay man was run off the UC Berkeley campus by violent left wing rioters for trying to exercise his right to free speech. Now while Milo Yiannopoulos is no role model, he does serve as a more or less effective gateway for people to begin accepting reality and rejecting the progressive faith.

A Berkeley chancellor tried to explain to students how Berkeley is a proud supporter of free speech, as enjoyed by leftists, and it was really Republicans who brought Milo to the campus not the university. The constitutional requirement the university was obligated to follow is why they couldn’t ban Milo and could only condemn his hate speech. This of course was seen as clear support from the Berkeley administration for students and agitators to riot over a homosexual not submitting to the progressive world view. The brainless violent mob used actual hate in their attempt to explain that hate speech must not be tolerated.

The police remain ineffective with threats of arrest should the ‘peaceful protesters’ not disperse, but as usual the police just remain on standby. Perhaps a few of the worst offenders will be arrested due to overwhelming video evidence of their crimes but in the end this event will silently slide into the memory hole to allow left wing violence to continue across America.


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