Antifa Opposition

Antifa is seeing a resurgence of morale and personal here in America. The group is a coalition of communists, anarchists, socialists, and other special snowflake leftists – an unsurprising bunch of anti-American activists. A hallmark of antifa is the regular use of violent crime to enforce the left’s dogma. No doubt about it, the left holds institutional power in the United States which largely shields antifa from legal consequences. Continued violence, like the riot in Berkeley, from antifa should be expected to continue so long as authorities ignore the clear evidence of criminal conspiracy published by antifa members.

The upside to the current expansion of antifa is their increasing polarization. Everyday Americans are being exposed to more well dressed and civil ‘fascist nazis’ being opposed by violent street gangs. The image antifa is portraying with their riots will be damaging to the left. The Democrat party is unraveling as in-group differences are increasingly more pronounced than the unity brought by opposing the Republicans.


About American Activities

An American nationalist.
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