Xenophobic Success

With President Trump’s election there are reports of people self-deporting which is great news for Americans. The fact that these people are leaving has nothing to do with leftist nonsense such as racist microagresssions. They are leaving because at a fundamental level they are not interested in Americanism – they want to leech off the wealth Americans built over generations. There are of course immigrants who desire to assimilate to American culture and they tend to express extreme displeasure with illegal aliens. To accelerate self-deportation President Trump needs to force the Republican congress to restrict funds to sanctuary cities (and states), restrict welfare, and then punish the employers, lenders, and bureaucrats that support the illegal aliens. These measures will be seen as harsh and uncaring by much of the general public. However, it will force a clear demarcation between those who truly are drawn to American exceptionalism and those who are just in it for immediate economic gain.


About American Activities

An American nationalist.
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