Attorney General Sessions

Senator Jeff Sessions has been confirmed as the new attorney general with the vote unexpectedly falling along party lines. Democrats wasted everyone’s time during this appointment process with their complaints that Senator Sessions doesn’t care about their leftist welfare plantation coalition. Meanwhile the Republicans are tripping over themselves to be the first one offering an explanation to their base as to why they are unable to turn back President Obama’s disastrous policies despite holding power over the house, the senate, and the presidency.

None of this should come as a surprise since the leadership of the two parties sees the Unites States as not much more than an economic engine to power their pet projects – there has been no substantive divide between the parties in decades. With the new attorney general in place President Trump will be able to more effectively ignore the protests of the Democrats and the ineffective cuckservative Republican losers. Fears of dictatorship by executive order can even be cast aside so long as President Trump acts within the scope of the office and objectively improves conditions for Americans.


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