Chinese Expansionism

Wealthy Chinese have begun noticeably expanding their holdings in the Seattle real estate market after being priced out of Canada. The non-assimilated Chinese presence in western Canada has grown to the point where signs in only Chinese are common enough to be a problem that needed to be solved.  Perhaps this should be a lesson to everyone that protectionist policy works, if you are interested in a future for your nation that is more than higher GDP numbers.

The progressives’ push for multiculturalism serves as a shield for the Chinese wealth to escape socialist Chinese policies at the expense of people here. According to multiculturalists, whites have no culture and the Chinese should be proud of their culture, it shouldn’t be hard to understand how this creates an environment in which Chinese people who are American citizens hold more loyalty to China than the United States. Ah, but it is racist to question why we tolerate the Chinese to engage in birth tourism, cheating their way through our universities, stealing corporate secrets, and then fleeing to safety to China.

For those worried about war with China consider this; China won’t need to invade since the progressive policy advancement will eventually allow for China to peacefully annex the territory it has already culturally and economically conquered.


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An American nationalist.
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