Routine Enforcement?

As I read the news about the protests in California sparked by the raids Immigration and Customs Enforcement called routine I wondered if these raids were something a bit more than they let on about. Not that long ago news broke that nearly five hundred people were arrested in a three day long sting operation targeting human trafficking. Many women and children were saved from the sexual exploitation that they were trapped in.

The human trafficking operation in California stopped by police reminded me of the case in Rotherham, England – just how can the authorities remain in the dark so long that the scale of the problem reaches these levels. We all know how easy it is for police to turn questionably legal dragnet surveillance into actionable intelligence and yet human trafficking rings grow unabated to grotesque sizes.

So I question if ICE is really just performing routine enforcement or did the police uncover enough information in their raids on the human traffickers to locate the illegal immigrants who facilitate the movement of women and children into the hands of the traffickers. Either way the law enforcement coming down hard on criminals is good for the community, no matter how much California progressives cry about it.


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