Voter Fraud Proven Again

The left always likes to claim that voter fraud doesn’t happen while they commit election fraud rather openly every election, naturally the Republicans are much too principled to be mean spirited by demanding punishment for those involved. This year as California protests enforcing immigration law, as usual, there were two illegal aliens caught by the justice system with stories good enough for the media to bother covering. The media is quick to bring children into the picture to pull at the reader’s heart strings as well.

Oh wait, the United States already has social services to work with the children of criminals. If foster care is good enough for American children then it is fine for illegal children and anchor babies while they wait out their parent’s sentence. Then they can all be deported together so their families are not broken apart, looks like there is no problem after all.

The fact that the near totality of the three million (likely more depending on data collection accuracy) non-citizens and dead people that vote happen to vote Democrat is just pure coincidence of course.


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