Traitorous News


President Trump takes a bold stance against the fake news with this deleted tweet. Without much surprise President Trump didn’t delete the tweet because of some nonsense like how it may not look presidential. No, it was just deleted because he forgot to include CBS and ABC in the list of fake news outlets publicly shamed. This publicly delegitimizing of the media works mainly because the media has already factually delegitimized themselves.

As I said before while discussing his planned rallies President Trump just needs to revoke all access to these fake news corporations and talk to the alternative media or directly to the people. Despite the media feeling slighted, the first amendment does not provide for them to have any special treatment or privileges. The media has constantly broken the trust of the people and now they face a president who doesn’t care about the media’s role in the power structure. President Trump has the potential to cripple the media and with more Americans cutting the cord less will notice or care.


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