Swedish Suicide Continues

Due to some uncontroversial comments by President Trump the fake news conglomerate rushed to defend Sweden. Naturally the large population of Muslim invaders in Sweden decided to riot just in time to create unfavorable optics. Years of rape and violence has only emboldened the Swedish pathological altruism that is crippling their country. Leftism in Sweden has achieved its goal, freedom for foreigners and destruction of the natives. As conditions continue to deteriorate then genocide becomes more and more possible.

The Swedes have shown that they are unwilling to remove the violent invaders, so unless there is a massive political shift the Swedish people and culture has a real chance of being destroyed. On the other hand the Muslim invaders have no problem killing and displacing Swedish men while raping the women. This ethnic cleansing is a feature of Muslim populations due to the extremists following religious guidelines, while the so called moderates providing a smokescreen of reasonability.

Here in the United States we already see the beginnings of what Sweden suffers in Dearborn, Michigan. Progressive Democrats are scrambling to import more Muslims before President Trump locks down the judiciary and slams the door shut. To not become like Sweden we must return to accepting discrimination as not only normal but necessary in order to preserve our people, culture and nation.


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An American nationalist.
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