Fake News Losing Control

Project Veritas is preparing to release video targeting the fake news broadcasters. Hundreds of hours of tapes, reportedly from insiders, will be going public. Much like when Wikileaks releases information the media will be quick to spin these leaks as either illegal for the public to view or irrelevant. However should something particularly damning appear then even with media suppression it will go viral though peer to peer sharing. The alternative media should be preparing to sort and distribute the worst of the footage in order to leverage the most of this opportunity.

Meanwhile over at MSNBC you have a declaration that the job of the media is to control what the American people think. It seems that the media takes this job very seriously as it pushes constantly for the breaking down of laws that protect American citizens over non-citizens. Nothing more should be expected from the traitorous media.


About American Activities

An American nationalist.
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