Purge Right

Both small and large personalities on the right are being targeted for takedowns. While many of these targets are being attacked using their own positions and words, it still is a dangerous event. The latest target is Molyneux, no doubt due to his support of President Trump. The loose coalition of non-progressives in the alternative media that pushed for a Trump victory has built up an incredible audience that outstrips the mainstream corporate media. Paid shills are trying to divide this audience and cripple the alternate media with infighting and trolling.

There are many such groups but now that Correct The Record died with the Hillary campaign the shills have moved to Shareblue. Shareblue is attempting to be a centralized hive for shills to coordinate attacks to delegitimize President Trump. No doubt they have teams of lawyers to ensure their activities are technically legal, so, their shilling activities need to be brought to light in order to delegitimize them instead. With their tactics and content exposed and constantly laughed off the alterative media will be able to hold fast against the divide and conquer shills.


About American Activities

An American nationalist.
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