Vatican Extinction

Based on the information coming out the Vatican workshop on biological extinction was a complete mess. Giving into the left on social issues got the Vatican nowhere yet now even more ground is being ceded. The Pontifical Academy of Sciences and Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences are showing less divine inspiration and more Marxism.

What seems to have come out is that ‘rich countries’ are the problem facing the earth. Of course by ‘rich countries’ they mean the west and even more specifically, white people. Global social justice however, is the answer – just send more money to the third world. Then magically refugees, overpopulation, poverty, global warming, hunger, and the loss of biodiversity will all be solved. The western nations have already given hundreds of billions in foreign aid with no real results but somehow the answer is more money.

It is insanity to expect the west to welcome unlimited migrants and to send foreign aid to the poorer nations that the migrants come from while claiming overpopulation is a problem. Basically the west is running a welfare state for the third world. In turn the Third world is raising an army of invaders, with which to further plunder the west.

At this point the Catholic Church is no longer a useful institution for the west and by trying to appeal to the left the church will eventually dismantle itself – there is no need for religion when the state provides all in the pursuit of materialism.


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