Wire Tapping

With Attorney General Sessions having recused himself from any investigations related to campaign the career government people, which have been trying to sabotage the Trump administration in any way they can, have control over this wire tapping scandal. This is bad for the American people, the Trump administration, and the truth.

The NSA has been proven time and time again to be spying on anyone that they can get away with spying on. We can’t really blame them for this because they have the power and free reign to do so. When we catch spying that is illegal or very questionable but technically legal the NSA is reigned in a bit then ignored again until the next scandal.

Former President Obama even oversaw spying on foreign leaders of allied countries. With the FISA court documents proving wire tapping was requested and approved there can be no doubt that Trump Tower was targeted. Spying on a political opponent’s campaign headquarters – and people thought Watergate was bad.

With democrats in congress and the government bureaucracy assisting a cover up the truth of this matter will never be known unless President Trump brings down the hammer. Leverage this scandal to purge every department even slightly related, then open widespread investigations into sedition, clearly separate these new investigations from the campaign investigations to allow Attorney General Sessions to control them, and then do as promised – drain the swamp.

When evidence into Hillary Clinton’s email server, money laundering, cover ups, Department of Justice misconduct and more is brought to light and maximum penalties are handed down then the swamp will be drained. Even if charges can’t stick, like with Hillary, President Trump will be able to remove the worst offenders from office clearing the path for his policies. The swamp is not one sided either, more good will can be gained by ending the careers of Republicans who were involved and are perhaps now against the Trump administration.

Outrage from the American people is already building, as contrary to the belief of the Democrats the ongoing leaks prove their misconduct far more than they hurt President Trump, and something must be done.



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An American nationalist.
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