Cyber Failure

Wikileaks has released more information, this time largely regarding the CIA. We have learned that the CIA has developed tools to obfuscate the origin of cyber attacks and more worryingly allowed these tools to be spread. So other than China, which is fairly obvious in their activities, we no longer know where cyber attacks are coming from. This shoots another hole in the Democrats’ cover up of the failed attempt to tie President Trump to Russia because anyone with these tools can spoof connections to anywhere.

The Russia intelligence community no doubt has long had these tools based on what Wikileaks released. So, Russia can use the CIA tools to leave a ‘fake Russian’ trail and have plausible deniability. With the backdoors put into place on the majority of electronics there is a readymade spy network for anyone with the ability to access it.

All these leaks should embolden industry to harden consumer systems, stop playing ball with the government and do the American people a big favor with security and privacy. In fact there is an opening right now for the lower market share companies, perhaps AMD for example, to gain market share by standing firm against spying. We saw Apple gain goodwill by refusing government requests, so just imagine how much people will like ‘spy proof’ hardware.


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