Hawaii Signaling North Korea Blustering

North Korea is projected to have the ability to launch missile strikes on Hawaii. Hawaii on the other hand is busy trying to undermine national security by opposing the updated travel ban. At least they will get to virtue signal before being consumed in nuclear fire.

More seriously, North Korea still doesn’t represent any real threat and if North Korea attempted to attack the United States or its allies then China should be held responsible. This is because China is propping up the failed state that is North Korea.

At this point China should just let them collapse and split the land with South Korea. It may cause them loss of face or whatever worries they many have, but it would enable China to rapidly extract the resources in North Korea. A new frontier of resources could give the Chinese GDP the boot is needs to stall the slump they have entered.

As for the lawsuit from Hawaii, both the text of the complaint and the commentary surrounding the case shows that it has nothing to do with anything other than opposing President Trump. Progressives around the United States will just continue to act as opposition to everything President Trump does. This leveraging of positions within the government bureaucracy to get their way while harming the American people is just an attempt to delegitimize the presidency.


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