Mexican Trade

Mexico suspends export permits, great news for Americans fed up with sugar in everything. There is already a massive over consumption of sugar in the United States, so with this move Mexico hurts its own profits. Perhaps under pressure from President Trump this trade deal will remain dead allowing for others to pick up the slack or even prompt a reduction in sugar usage. This move seems very poorly thought out for Mexico because they will need any revenue they can get should President Trump follow through with his idea of capturing remittances.

At the same time Samsung is planning to move some manufacturing out of Mexico, providing a few hundred jobs. It does however signal that Samsung is already planning to have a manufacturing base ready for expansion in the United States should President Trump increase trade barriers. Samsung’s rival LG has already committed to a manufacturing expansion as well showing that these companies based in Asia are more than willing to cooperate with President Trump.

Mexican politicians should perhaps rethink their opposition to President Trump or they risk being put into an ever more disadvantageous position for the threatened renegotiate of NAFTA. With little to nothing to offer the United States perhaps the entire deal will be repealed, a very bad proposition for the Mexican economy.


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