Political Elitism

If you thought that the revelation of their terrible heath insurer enrichment bill was not enough, the Republicans in congress have some more out of touch elitism on display. First there is a move to dismantle internet privacy after already delaying said privacy protections. The move is said to be to prevent consumer confusion while all it really does is allow the internet service providers to continue selling data which doesn’t belong to them. Now the rules forcing data protection are just as stupid, ISPs will never be able to defend from hackers. The rule should instead be to eliminate data storage so that consumers are responsible for their information as they should be.

Also tax reform is being delayed because it is just too complicated to get done quickly. President Trump’s tax suggestions seem to have agreed with simplification. The real reason for the delay is that congress is bought and paid for by corporations. These corporations, and their accountants and lawyers, really don’t want a simple tax code where there are no loopholes and kick backs for those with the time and money to play the game. If there was any real intention in simplifying and reducing taxes a standalone bill could be prepared in less than a week. Then with the federal tax code reformed it could be used as a guideline for the states to reform their tax codes – unlikely to ever happen but possible to do.


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