Border Wall #1

Architectural firms are signing up to design the boarder wall. Seeing the opportunity to make money globalists are among those assisting this border security movement. By bringing in people who want borders to no longer exist there is a risk of the wall being designed to fail. Due to decades of propaganda many on the left believe that it is immoral to enforce territorial sovereignty. These are the very same people that advocate for communism, multiculturalism and the fall of the west. At some point either they will be victorious and the United States will fall or they will be held to account for being traitorous.

Now as for the wall and its usefulness, of course the wall will curb illegal immigration. The popular myth that a border wall is infeasible because walls don’t work is complete nonsense. The best current example of a functional border wall is in Israel. The wall there was designed to separate Israel from Palestine due to conflict stemming from Israel’s occupation of Palestine. The wall is not a security measure and yet its presence reduced terrorist attacks within Israel. Dedicated terrorists have discovered how to bypass the wall but the key point is that the barrier to entry has risen and this is how the US-Mexico border wall will work as well.

The wall will not prevent visa overstays, drug cartels, or the H1B1 program but it will stop those that think they are entitled to walk into the United States at any time. The cartels have the capital to invest into schemes that circumvent border security so the wall will be at best another obstacle to their smuggling. Since any method a cartel uses to bring narcotics onto American soil brings them massive profits with just one success more barriers to entry could prove to help the cartels by increasing the cost of the drugs. Visa overstays and H1B1s can be lowered by enforcing e-verify and ending the incentives for hiring foreign labor.

Walls work when they are used properly and have political backing so both democrats and republicans are trying to delegitimize the idea.


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