Swamp Continues to Drain

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has purged more of former President Obama’s attorneys. Hopefully this disrupts the attempt to cause internal conflict in the Trump administration. These positions are key for the anti-Trump movement and when they are all emptied out President Trump will have an easier time enforcing his agenda. It also provides a possible path towards smaller government, since if operations continue on without issue perhaps these positions can be permanently ended.

Once the Department of Justice is under control President Trump should be even harsher on the question of immigration and refugees. There are too many stories of illegal immigrants and their criminal inclinations. Hopefully the new Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement office at the Department of Homeland security will reveal the extent of the problem.

Also, good catch from Drudge Report remembering an attack in 1977. Islam has been a terrorist problem for the United States for decades and the left should be held to account on their insistence of letting in more muslim refugees.


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An American nationalist.
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