Cuck Nationalism

At this point it should be abundantly clear that civic nationalism is a suicidal ideology. Springing forth from Rousseau’s social contract theory civic nationalism is centered on the rule of law handed down by the government. Popular sovereignty is a betrayal of the nation when the political elite are permitted to replace the population via the welfare state and immigration. The problem however is a different people will want different laws which over time shall covert a nation into a form more similar to their country of origin.

Civic nationalists tend to ignore race, language, religion and culture in thinking that rule of law will provide the unity necessary to maintain the nation. Yet we see in the southwest United States that even generations later immigrants from Mexico ignore laws, burn the American flag and hold primary loyalty to Mexico and their people.

For those who refuse to confront human biodiversity but want to oppose the far left progressive globalist agenda being forced on the west then there is no room for civic nationalism. A better prospect for maintaining the rule of law as civic nationalists want in the west would be cultural nationalism. Without forcing newcomers to adopt the language and culture that are core to a country’s tradition the government loses legitimacy. Thus we see across the west the governments assimilate to the invading immigrants and refugees at the expense of the native population.


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