More White Babies

Congressman Steve King of Iowa has been under fire for recognizing publicly that demographic replacement destroys culture. Fake news shill Chris Cuomo from CNN pushes progressive fantasy as American values during his hostile interview with Congressman Steve King.

Now, Congressman Steve King is clearly a cuckservative who is clinging to an American culture of his past, one that the left has long since altered to the point of destruction. He openly states his desire for a post-racial American achieved by mixing into a homogeneous race – not particularly conservative considering American Values. The majority of the United States held anti-miscegenation as a value for nearly two hundred years, it was not until after the progressive movement that resulted in opening immigration in the 1960’s that the Supreme Court reversed its decision that anti-miscegenation laws were constitutional.

With progressives having control over the education system there is no room in the discussion for what effects human biodiversity has on culture.  American whites, and is seems only whites, fear the social stigma of being labeled racist so the issue will remain as a building pressure. The resulting advancement of the civic system of multicultural globalism uses demographic replacement to enforce compliance.

The future belongs to those who show up and with the west not having children it will fade away.


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An American nationalist.
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