Fake News Failure

Over at MSNBC yesterday Rachel Maddow was hyping up their huge story of obtaining President Trump’s tax returns. In their glee to take a shot at President Trump MSNBC by accident proved that their anti-Trump narratives were in fact fake news. President Trump not only was paying taxes he was paying more than many left wing individuals and organizations. All that seems to remain after this fake news blunder is the usual crying about wealth redistribution.

The progressive talking point of the rich needing to ‘pay their fair share’ is totally out of touch with reality. The richest individuals in the United States pay around forty percent of taxes collected year after year.  The expansion of the welfare state works so well in a democratic system because the poor outnumber the rich and thus voting results in more taxes for the rich.  It is long past time for people to recognize that just because there are people with more doesn’t mean they are responsible for those with less.


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