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Police Church

HB180 from Alabama has drawn some ire after the Alabama senate was fine with the idea of a church employing their own police. The church will probably find that complying with state regulations costs a lot more time and money … Continue reading

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Haiti Continues to Suck

Years of sexual abuse and Cholera outbreaks brought by the U.N. seems to be the new normal for Haiti. At some point the Haitian people need to kick the U.N. out of Haiti the foreign aid money really isn’t worth … Continue reading

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Syrian Failure

Having been rather sick last week I was disengaged from all media so imagine my surprise when President Trump ordered a strike on Syria. The multi-million dollar attack failed to achieve its stated goal but it did cost President Trump … Continue reading

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Commiefornian Censorship Attempt

Not to be outdone by New York’s attempt at curtailing free speech California brought forth A.B. 1104, thankfully now the bill has been pulled for now. Designed to combat cyberfraud, the bill would have made a few annoying things and … Continue reading

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Venezuela Falling

Socialism is working so well in Venezuela that the Venezuelan Supreme Court has taken over congressional powers. If this is the beginnings of an authoritarian left wing power we can expect to see the usual downward spiral of censorship, mass … Continue reading

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