Syrian Failure

Having been rather sick last week I was disengaged from all media so imagine my surprise when President Trump ordered a strike on Syria. The multi-million dollar attack failed to achieve its stated goal but it did cost President Trump a vast amount of respect from his support base. What appears more likely is that President Trump ordered the attack at the behest of the neoconservative globalists because of terrorist propaganda on the ground in Syria.

Right Wing Abandonment

Commenters everywhere from radio to YouTube, Infowars to Ron Paul have condemned the missile strike. Some have totally withdrawn support others are waiting and holding out some hope. The most energetic part of President Trump’s base is feeling betrayed and it will take more policy advancement than the Republican congress will allow to recover from this loss.

At the White House Richard Spencer led a protest of the strike highlighting right wing support for America first policy rather than a continuation of neoconservative Israel first globalism. Antifa communists arrived to violently disrupt the anti-war protest, but thankfully the police were on point and the situation remained mostly under control.

President Trump’s slow but continual distancing from his base and embracing of neoconservatives is not a pragmatic deal making move. The neoconservatives are never going to support America first policy so working with them in any capacity is pointless.

President Trump’s New ‘Supporters’

President Trump did gain praise, even from critics and former rivals, let’s look at some of them:

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senator John McCain, Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator Marco Rubio, House Speaker Paul Ryan, CNN host Fareed Zakaria, MSNBC host Kristen Welker, and more in the media.

Not exactly a group that has historically been advancing policy that has benefited the United States.

Syrian Chemical Weapons

The Syrian government under full observation from international bodies destroyed their chemical weapons and manufacturing capability. The current claim that the Syrian government uses chemical weapons relies on the flimsy premise that the Syrian government has been hiding chemical weapons all along and now suddenly decided to kill civilians with them then deny attacking. Not really a smart thing to do when warmongers in the west are waiting for any excuse to attack.

On the other hand the rebel forces receive chemical weapons from various terrorist groups and their supporters including Saudi Arabia. With the terrorist groups having open support from the west there is no reason for them not to use chemical weapons. Any chemical weapons used are automatically assigned to the Syrian government despite evidence otherwise.

False Flags

Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed that the chemical attack was a false flag and that Russian intelligence has information indicating that more false flags are in the works. Russia has weighed in on previous attacks but this largely gets ignored in the corporate media. Looking at the history of chemical weapon attack in Syria it looks less like false flags and more like the western corporate media covering for terrorists on the ground until the facts come out at which point the story is buried.

The A Closer Look At Syria wiki does a good job at documenting the Syrian civil war including gathering information on every chemical attack to see who really committed the attack and who was just throwing allegations around.

Moving Forward

The biggest problem with President Trump’s missile strike is its conflict with the campaign policy of safe zones in Syria and the Middle East in general. If you oppose and bomb the Syrian government it only makes working with them harder. Working with the Syrian government and Russia is the easiest way for President Trump to fulfill campaign promises. The USA and Russia can destroy the terrorists with bombing runs and allow the Syrian army to re-secure and stabilize its country. During and after the territory reclamation the refugee safe zones can be established. Then the Syrian government will be able to continue the process of peaceful reformation started before the civil war erupted.

America first, we have enough problems at home to deal with before being the world’s policeman.

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