More Wage Hiking

St. Louis, Missouri has fallen for the progressive lie that raising the minimum wage would help the local economy. A study shows the impact of the forty three percent increase in the minimum wage by 2018.  Not looking so good for young women with low education. Even a corporate subsidy would help the local economy in St. Louis more than government enforced price controls.

No amount of central planning will turn the minimum wage into a living wage, mainly because the idea of a living wage is nonsense. Rather than demanding wages match their lifestyle perhaps people should learn to make their lifestyle match their income.

The left will benefit from this change since as more people become dependent on welfare the left gains more dedicated voters. The economy is in rough enough shape as it is, so ideally there would be fewer dependents just in case there is a bad market crash.

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FISA Working

An employee at the State Department was brought up on charges relating to their contact with China. Strange how some get charges for lying to the FBI but others don’t. It is good to see action being taken against Chinese agents here in the United States. For far too long Chinese espionage has been permitted. We can only hope that under President Trump there will be a larger crackdown. The far left progressives will no doubt continue their lawsuits, crying about discrimination, should Chinese spying be opposed. Just another reason to purge the judiciary of progressive activist judges.

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Un-American Protests #3

Antifa thugs once again violently counter protest a peaceful pro-Trump rally in California. As usual the media was fast to support antifa but now is the time to push the Department of Justice to pursue the felony charges. Socialists in attendance were no doubt shocked at this development as they are used to the police protecting them, next time perhaps they will not be violent.

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Climate Sanity

President Trump has cut a number of regulations that were indicative of a progressive fact free world view. The regulatory red tape was put in place to hamstring CO2 output at any cost. Now with some of the regulation removed coal and oil country will have a chance to recover. Looks like President Trump is trying to fulfill his promises to the working class whites that rallied for his election.

Despite the Libertarian ideals some try to push into the issue there is no free market solution to energy policy because both sides are trying to use the government to enforce their will. The Republicans’ position of being more or less neutral is why Democrats easily get away with enacting progressive regulations. Even clearly damaging policy, like that of the Obama administration, is left in place because the Republicans just shrug and call it rule of law.

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Sanctuary Crackdown

Today’s White House briefing featured the Attorney general Jeff Sessions announcing that the Department of Justice will now be withholding funds from sanctuary cities due to their refusal to follow federal law. This follows the executive order in January that ended federal funds going to sanctuary cities.

This new action was made under Obama administration policy and Attorney general Jeff Sessions says new restrictions may be coming. Despite the rhetorical bluster many of these large cities that refuse to follow the law will not be able to withstand the denial of funding for an extended period of time.

For more reading on sanctuary cities funding put together a study on the issue.

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YouTube Trouble

YouTube is facing opposition as they attempt to bring large corporate interests on board in pursuit of profits. Their subscription is a betrayal of their user base of content creators but it is a move that makes sense when considering the low value of online advertising. Advertising was the money maker and to change business models will probably impact users, content creators and the corporations driving this more than expected.

There are also changes happening that are being made a bit more behind the scene that have drawn the attention of YouTube’s content creators, including those with millions of followers. The users are the core of YouTube, not the corporate media, and these users are increasingly ready to jump ship. YouTube dominates the online video space and risks becoming obsolete but perhaps this isn’t an issue for Alphabet since they have the money to buy out any sites that rise from YouTube’s fall.

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Old Man Rambles

Senator John McCain was off to Europe for a globalist conference to spread his anti-Trump neo-conservatism. The only real surprise is how much support for President Trump’s policies Senator McCain has shown given his shutout from the Presidency. Senator McCain also made reference to ‘new world order’ for the conspiracy folks to kvetch about.

The neo-conservatives and neo-liberals seem to still be in denial about the presidential election. Their base is dying and the corporations that buy both sides are finding it harder to make inroads with the rising populist right and socialist left. Unless the more radical base isn’t repressed then there is the risk of politics in the United States being realigned around new parties. In such a case the neocon and neolibs will be left behind if they are unable to join together with corporate money backing them.

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