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More White Babies

Congressman Steve King of Iowa has been under fire for recognizing publicly that demographic replacement destroys culture. Fake news shill Chris Cuomo from CNN pushes progressive fantasy as American values during his hostile interview with Congressman Steve King. Now, Congressman … Continue reading

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Canada: A No Go Zone in Progress

Canada introduces another resolution to condemn islamophobia while anti-western muslims demand special protections and the dismantling of free speech. While progressives tout ‘moderate’ muslims and work to bring more muslims to the west Islamic leaders openly state their intention to … Continue reading

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Vatican Extinction

Based on the information coming out the Vatican workshop on biological extinction was a complete mess. Giving into the left on social issues got the Vatican nowhere yet now even more ground is being ceded. The Pontifical Academy of Sciences … Continue reading

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Swedish Suicide Continues

Due to some uncontroversial comments by President Trump the fake news conglomerate rushed to defend Sweden. Naturally the large population of Muslim invaders in Sweden decided to riot just in time to create unfavorable optics. Years of rape and violence … Continue reading

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Chinese Expansionism

Wealthy Chinese have begun noticeably expanding their holdings in the Seattle real estate market after being priced out of Canada. The non-assimilated Chinese presence in western Canada has grown to the point where signs in only Chinese are common enough to … Continue reading

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Muslims Not Actually Banned

Leftists celebrated a ruling placing a hold on a small part of the executive order which temporarily will prevent some people from coming to America. Without doubt they read neither the executive order nor the judge’s ruling. If they did … Continue reading

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Two Americas

There’s not a liberal America and a conservative America – there’s the United States of America. -Barack Obama Take a look at the county level results of the 2016 election to see how our recently vacated former president is wrong. … Continue reading

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