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EU Backed Succession

The EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker threatened to support Ohio and Austin, Texas in succeeding in a threat over President Trump’s support of Brexit. Juncker must be off his rocker, his far left progressive European politics would be received better … Continue reading

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Old Man Rambles

Senator John McCain was off to Europe for a globalist conference to spread his anti-Trump neo-conservatism. The only real surprise is how much support for President Trump’s policies Senator McCain has shown given his shutout from the Presidency. Senator McCain … Continue reading

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Dutch Elections

Due to their anti-Islam stance many people have been watching the PVV try to gain some power, perhaps with some sort of union with the Christian parties. The likely outcome is that a fractured coalition government will form among the … Continue reading

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Ottoman Empire Attempting to Rise

The Turkish president has now cried out islamophobia as generations of Turkish immigrants have refused to assimilate and the Dutch want to do something about it. Turkey has the advantage in this negotiation due to the refugee crisis. With the … Continue reading

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Vatican Extinction

Based on the information coming out the Vatican workshop on biological extinction was a complete mess. Giving into the left on social issues got the Vatican nowhere yet now even more ground is being ceded. The Pontifical Academy of Sciences … Continue reading

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Swedish Suicide Continues

Due to some uncontroversial comments by President Trump the fake news conglomerate rushed to defend Sweden. Naturally the large population of Muslim invaders in Sweden decided to riot just in time to create unfavorable optics. Years of rape and violence … Continue reading

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Rallies Return

President Trump has scheduled a rally in Florida for Saturday. Bypassing the corporate press and bringing his message to the people directly. Regular rallies fit more to President Trump’s populist style and due to the ratings that he commands there … Continue reading

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Muslims Not Actually Banned

Leftists celebrated a ruling placing a hold on a small part of the executive order which temporarily will prevent some people from coming to America. Without doubt they read neither the executive order nor the judge’s ruling. If they did … Continue reading

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