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Haiti Continues to Suck

Years of sexual abuse and Cholera outbreaks brought by the U.N. seems to be the new normal for Haiti. At some point the Haitian people need to kick the U.N. out of Haiti the foreign aid money really isn’t worth … Continue reading

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Rockefeller Dies

Not much to say here, other than that those who are thinking that David Rockefeller dying is a blow to globalism are probably mistaken. Being 101 years old and the many medical problems that come with such an advanced age … Continue reading

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G20 Capitulates

During the G20 meeting somewhat amusingly China took a stance against protectionism. All for naught however as it seems that the new compromise gives President Trump two wins. First is the less hard line stance on protectionism, no doubt brought … Continue reading

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Vatican Extinction

Based on the information coming out the Vatican workshop on biological extinction was a complete mess. Giving into the left on social issues got the Vatican nowhere yet now even more ground is being ceded. The Pontifical Academy of Sciences … Continue reading

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Chinese Expansionism

Wealthy Chinese have begun noticeably expanding their holdings in the Seattle real estate market after being priced out of Canada. The non-assimilated Chinese presence in western Canada has grown to the point where signs in only Chinese are common enough to … Continue reading

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Doomsday Hysterics

The Doomsday Clock advances in part due to President Trump, Both his statements and his actions as president-elect have broken with historical precedent in unsettling ways. He has made ill-considered comments about expanding the US nuclear arsenal. It is not … Continue reading

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