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Seattle Sues

Seattle seems to need that federal money after all because they are now suing over the Trump Administration’s threat to cut funding to cities that don’t cooperate with immigration policy. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has taken a strong stance on … Continue reading

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EU Backed Succession

The EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker threatened to support Ohio and Austin, Texas in succeeding in a threat over President Trump’s support of Brexit. Juncker must be off his rocker, his far left progressive European politics would be received better … Continue reading

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Sanctuary Crackdown

Today’s White House briefing featured the Attorney general Jeff Sessions announcing that the Department of Justice will now be withholding funds from sanctuary cities due to their refusal to follow federal law. This follows the executive order in January that … Continue reading

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Bread and Arrests

Fake new coming out of Pasadena, California, where CBS claims ICE is making illegal arrests. The implication from their story is that it is unlawful to arrest someone just because they are at a courthouse. The comments section correctly identifies … Continue reading

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More White Babies

Congressman Steve King of Iowa has been under fire for recognizing publicly that demographic replacement destroys culture. Fake news shill Chris Cuomo from CNN pushes progressive fantasy as American values during his hostile interview with Congressman Steve King. Now, Congressman … Continue reading

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Cuck Nationalism

At this point it should be abundantly clear that civic nationalism is a suicidal ideology. Springing forth from Rousseau’s social contract theory civic nationalism is centered on the rule of law handed down by the government. Popular sovereignty is a … Continue reading

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Ottoman Empire Attempting to Rise

The Turkish president has now cried out islamophobia as generations of Turkish immigrants have refused to assimilate and the Dutch want to do something about it. Turkey has the advantage in this negotiation due to the refugee crisis. With the … Continue reading

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