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Border Wall #1

Architectural firms are signing up to design the boarder wall. Seeing the opportunity to make money globalists are among those assisting this border security movement. By bringing in people who want borders to no longer exist there is a risk … Continue reading

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Swamp Continues to Drain

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has purged more of former President Obama’s attorneys. Hopefully this disrupts the attempt to cause internal conflict in the Trump administration. These positions are key for the anti-Trump movement and when they are all emptied out … Continue reading

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Canada: A No Go Zone in Progress

Canada introduces another resolution to condemn islamophobia while anti-western muslims demand special protections and the dismantling of free speech. While progressives tout ‘moderate’ muslims and work to bring more muslims to the west Islamic leaders openly state their intention to … Continue reading

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Hawaii Signaling North Korea Blustering

North Korea is projected to have the ability to launch missile strikes on Hawaii. Hawaii on the other hand is busy trying to undermine national security by opposing the updated travel ban. At least they will get to virtue signal … Continue reading

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Vatican Extinction

Based on the information coming out the Vatican workshop on biological extinction was a complete mess. Giving into the left on social issues got the Vatican nowhere yet now even more ground is being ceded. The Pontifical Academy of Sciences … Continue reading

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Into Darkness

A high profile deportation case is spreading across the media forcing a narrative conflict with the left’s attempt to discredit Attorney General Sessions. President Trump needs to defeat the progressives, democrats, and cuckservatives by standing with Attorney General Sessions and … Continue reading

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Last month Starbucks sent down a message to its employees about its plans to help undermine the United States by seeking to further the destructive progressivism ailing our nation. The four major areas Starbucks has targeted are Support for Mexico, … Continue reading

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