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Secret Blunders

The secret service is left looking rather complacent following another breach onto White House grounds and a theft. New York Daily news continues the Russia narrative by making sure to include wild speculation that the thief is related to Russia. … Continue reading

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Cyber Failure

Wikileaks has released more information, this time largely regarding the CIA. We have learned that the CIA has developed tools to obfuscate the origin of cyber attacks and more worryingly allowed these tools to be spread. So other than China, … Continue reading

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Flynn Affect

National security adviser Michael Flynn, a Democrat, has resigned. This is a sign that President Trump’s bipartisanship is fundamentally a failed premise. The establishment parties and power structure are filled with flagrant corruption. President Trump should continue to fire anyone … Continue reading

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Trumpian Economics #1

Free trade purists and globalists find themselves at odds with President Trump’s economics ideas. The cult of economic growth seems taken aback at the mere mention of policies that may inhibit the maximum increase of gross domestic product. It seems … Continue reading

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